Reflexive Verb Glogster

In this project, we made a Glogster page with facts that we knew about reflexive verbs. After doing this, we embedded a Voki recording of our own daily routine on the Glog. We were allowed to use different colors and backgrounds on this to make them each unique.
I preferred doing this project over taking a written test. This was a fun project that allowed me to be creative, but I also learned a lot. Having to write down everything I knew in turn helped refresh my memory and remind me of what all went along with using reflexive verbs.

Click here to see my Glog.

Nelly Cruz

In this assignment, it is helping us to learn how to communicate in Spanish. We are describing people and how they act, so the we can further understand and be able to communicate with Spanish speaking people. Description of people’s personalities is a major part of interaction. This makes it important for us to be able to do so.

Nelly Cruz es de Monte Criste y el es Dominicano. Cruz es un jugador de béisbol para Rangers. El es trienta y uno años. El es alto y fuerte. Cruz es generoso y talentoso. Nelly Cruz es el favorito jugadora de béisbol de Señora Hugghins.

Voki Project

During this project, we created a Voki account. We made avatars that are a representation of us, and we recorded our voices on them. When clicked on, the avatars mouth moves with our voice coming out.  The first entry we recorded was about ourselves and what we, our family, and our friends like to do.

I thought the project was creative way to bring technology into the classroom. It helps make it easier to hear how you sound when you can actually listen to a recording of yourself speaking spanish. This was a good learning experience, and it was fun to create my avatar. I like how I got to use some of my creative side for this project.

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